How To Prevent Agency Owner Burnout

April 12

Learn how to prevent burnout as an agency owner. Owners often find themselves wearing multiple hats when it comes to running the business, but how can you dial that back so you can focus on specific areas of your agency? 

Being an agency owner is no small task. Doing what you love can quickly turn into the thing that's burning you out.

There is a better way to run and grow an agency without losing your mind or your soul in the process! Tune in with special guest Kenny Lange to learn how to scale your agency and promote growth.


A bit more about Kenny:

After selling his company that he started in his late 20s to another agency, he served as its second-in-command and helped grow their revenue by almost double in 2 years. During that time, he self-implemented a framework at that other agency and saw its impact was huge! However, he later found the System & Soul Framework and wished he had found it earlier because he would have been able to help those organizations achieve more growth with less pain. Now, as a coach, he creates leadership and organizational transformation that teams actually buy into so that they can build a people-first and high-performance culture. When he's not coaching, he serves as the Director of Operations for his church. He and his wife, Rebekah, have fostered 18 kids over 5 years, adopted 1, and are in process to adopt another.

Kenny's special offering to Upsourced listeners.

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