Are Your Clients Happy? The Secret to Measuring Success

October 24

How can you ensure your clients are happy with your service? 

With regular health checks and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.


Health score

Health scores are an internal 1-5 rating of a client's performance and relationship. Receiving a five means you're exceeding targets, and the client is likely willing to give referrals to your agency. On the other side, a one means you have an unhappy client, and there's poor performance.

Regularly reviewing health scores can help flag at-risk clients to address the issue proactively.


Net Promoter score (NPS)

NPS measures client loyalty on a 1-10 scale. 9-10s are your promoters, 7-8s are passives, and 6 and under are detractors.

To gather this data, we recommend sending out surveys every 90 days for larger projects and once a year for smaller retainers.

The last thing you want is to be unaware of a dissatisfied client simply because you didn't check in to see how they're feeling.

Your NPS score can help you calibrate your internal health scores. A 5 health score client should be a high NPS promoter. If your health score and NPS scores don't quite align, that lets you know some communication is missing.


best practices

It's important to set your expectations upfront on NPS. Each client may have different criteria that will get you to a 10, so you need to have a conversation with them from the beginning to gain an understanding of what is needed to achieve a high score. 

Regular check-ins are key to proactively surface issues early. Fire prevention is always easier than fire fighting! 

Using your NPS scores and health scores together provides a clear view of client satisfaction and retention risk.

Monitoring client health is vital to maximizing retention, referrals, and growth.

For more in-depth conversation surrounding this topic and to see examples of health and NPS scores, view this short clip where Ryan Watson (Upsourced) and Gray MacKenzie (ZenPilot) dive in further:


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