Profit First is Holding Back your Agency

December 10

Many current and prospective clients of Upsourced use management frameworks to set targets and align their teams. Frameworks are storytellers - they take complicated concepts like margin and utilization, and they simplify them in a way non-financial people can understand. 


But, not all frameworks are created equal, and there's one framework that continually emerges as an impediment to healthy management and growth for agency owners - Profit First.

"After $1M in revenue, profit first can be a governor on your growth."

Special guest, Ryan Baker stops by the podcast to help Ryan and Meredith break down the really really on the Profit First methodology - what is it, who is it for, why do we think it's a bad fit for a scaling agency, and what do we think agencies should do instead. 


It's a fun conversation, full of bike riding and bingo analogies you won't want to miss. Check it out below!


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