Every Minute Counts: The Importance of Time Tracking for Agencies

March 29

We get it, when you tell your employees you want them to start tracking the time they spend on certain projects, it sounds like you’re bringing the hammer down on them. We aren’t here to tell you to be the villain - time tracking has benefits to both your company and its employees!


What is time tracking

Time tracking is a tool you can use to ensure your company is performing the best it can be. It isn’t a system used to punish people, more just see where everyone’s at and where you can allocate new business. 

The first thing that comes to mind for most people is “great, another thing to keep track of throughout the day on top of my ever growing list of tasks.” We’re here to tell you that it’s not as daunting as it seems! All it takes is one extra click of a button. Time tracking is simple and affordable!


Why is it important

Time tracking gives you access to many metrics. Interested in figuring out which employee has the capacity to take on your newest project? Time tracking will tell you. Wondering if you’re overworking any of your employees leading to potential burn out? Time tracking will have you covered! Time tracking is essential to calculating your employee utilization. Without accurate tracking, you won't be able to get the right data and make important decisions to help your agency grow!

This tool is a good way for you to find out if you have the capacity to hire more, or if you’ve maybe hired too many employees. It can help make the difficult decisions a little easier by backing you with data. Not only is time tracking analyzing the effectiveness of your employees, it’s also taking a look at which projects are profitable and which aren’t. There’s no need to fly in blind when trying to link your profitability to each project or employee. 

Bottom line is, it helps your company optimize your revenue and allocate your resources where it matters most. 


Tools we recommend

There are many different software tools available for time tracking. A few of them are Harvest, Teamwork, and Float. There are many other sufficient options, too! 


Are you maximizing revenue while minimizing stress? Want some help diving into the data to ensure your company is performing at the capacity it should be? Reach out to us at Upsourced!

Want more information on time tracking best practices? Join Meredith and Andrew as they dig deeper into this topic! 


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