Agency Life Without Burnout: Tips for Work-Life Bliss

October 25

Achieving work-life balance as an agency owner may seem like an impossible task - but we're here to tell you that it's not!

Are you often finding yourself checking your phone and responding to emails at the dinner table with your family? If so, this post is for you! 

In our recent Creative Outcomes podcast episode, Tyler Pigott, Founder of Lone Fir Creative, emphasizes how important work-life balance is to him as the owner of a marketing agency. He structures his schedule and makes business decisions with his family at the forefront. 

You might think to yourself - if I'm not responding right away, I feel like I'm neglecting my clients.

This is where the importance of trust kicks in. If you've established trust in the relationship between you and your client, they'll know you won't leave them hanging.

Being consistent and communicative within normal business hours is key to building this trust. 

When faced with an urgent work issue, Tyler reminds himself that marketing work is not life or death. If something takes an extra 20 minutes or gets pushed to the next day, it will be okay. (With some exceptions, of course).

Tyler speaks on how he turns his phone to "do not disturb" (outside of family) in order to avoid constant notifications pulling him in multiple different directions. He checks messages on his own terms, rather than just responding right at the first chime of his phone. This has allowed him to concentrate and get more done during the day.

Although Tyler and his team have ambitious growth goals, he prioritizes efficiency so he can still leave work to attend to family obligations.

The agency world can be all-consuming, but Tyler offers great perspective on not losing sight of your priorities as the owner. Maintaining work-life balance leads to greater long-term fulfillment. 

For the full conversation, listen to the podcast episode here: 


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