February 20 •

Incentive Compensation: Phantom Equity

Phantom Equity (Phantom Stock) is a cost-effective way to give someone a raise or a promotion without shelling out any...

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September 27 •

Is Unlimited PTO A Good Idea?

One of the key factors employees are looking at when applying for a new job (or when they’re weighing the pros and cons...

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August 16 •

Throwing A Successful Company Event

We all remember those company events where you start with an ice breaker and go around the room giving one fun fact...

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July 20 •

How To Reward Employees With Incentive Compensation

As agency owners, you want to reward your employees and show them you care about them, right? Most companies don’t have...

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June 17 •

Why Is Revenue Forecasting Important?

Revenue forecasting - ring a bell? Maybe not! Revenue forecasting is essential but often overlooked by agencies. What...

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May 13 •

How To Calculate Utilization Rate

Is your agency being as efficient as possible without creating burn out? The last thing you want for your culture is...

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